Physical Education

At Renbrook School, 我们的体育部致力于引导学生找到健身的终身热爱, sports, exercise, health, and play. 体育教育和体育项目提供各种适合年龄的活动,以满足每个学生的身体素质, emotional, and cognitive development. 精心设计和连续的课程让学生建立个人技能, understand concepts, and learn about the importance of health and wellness. 我们强调合作,尊重自己和他人,团队合作和竞争.  
The Physical Education faculty stresses safety, support for the emerging athlete, and a balance between competition and good sportsmanship. Two gymnasiums and an abundance of athletic fields, ropes course, and outdoor learning spaces are available to all students.  


To help a child...
  • In the development of fairness, readiness to accept rules, cooperation, self-control, and responsibility for school and personal property. 
  • 通过他们的努力、坚持和尊重他们的潜力来培养一种成就感. 
  • 了解身体健康的重要性,这将为成长中的孩子带来最佳的健康状况. 
  • 培养自信心,了解领导素质. 
  • Develop self-motivation toward Physical Education and exercise. 
  • Realize the joy and happiness, 哪些有益健康的体育活动可以鼓励人们终生参与. 
  • 掌握一般和特定的技能,了解适合自己年龄的各种游戏元素. 
  • 对自己和他人的竞争要有一个正确的看法.  
  • Participate enthusiastically in Physical Education and Athletics.  
  • 对他们参与的活动相关的技能和概念有更广泛的理解.  

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  • 开始学校体育-学前班,幼稚园,幼稚园

    The program is carefully tailored for each age level. 我们通过在每节课中设置乐趣和游戏的基础来开始这段旅程,鼓励一生都在体育活动中获得快乐. 模式、速度和力量等概念概念在孩子很小的时候就被介绍给他们.
    Working closely with classroom teachers, the PE faculty help children acquire listening skills, the ability to following directions, and cooperation skills.  
    孩子们被鼓励在一个保险箱里以自己的能力水平去寻找成功, non-competitive environment. 我们建立自信,让学生感到舒适,愿意探索和发现新的运动和活动.  
    Children play, learn, and socialize on playgrounds, in gymnasiums, on climbing apparatuses, and gymnastics equipment. The two gymnasiums feature first-class equipment, managed by teachers with experience in the education of young children. 
    • Multi-step directions 
    • Spatial awareness 
    • Hand-eye coordination 
    • Movement skills- such as running, skipping, and hopping 
    • Cooperative behavior  
    • Working with others 
  • Grades 1-3 Physical Education

    低年级学生被介绍到技能主题和运动概念单元. Children work to problem solve individually, in pairs, and as a group. Social-emotional development is fostered during these years. Children begin to take ownership over their own learning and needs. 
    该课程旨在通过引导发现和运动教育方法满足每个孩子的需求. Each lesson includes time to work on physical fitness, skill development, and learning concepts and strategies in modified game situations. 学生有机会进行团队合作、协作和合作. 
    在体育部,我们的目标是帮助学生采取积极进取的态度. 鼓励学生通过自己的努力和毅力来培养成就感.  
    Lower School students learn: 
    • The importance of exercise, health, and wellness 
    • Fitness and how muscles work 
    • Locomotor movements 
    • Hand-eye coordination 
    • Sport skills 
    • Cooperative behavior 
    • Social development 
    • What makes a good teammate  
    • Good sportsmanship and fair play  
    • Self-confidence 
    • To become a self-driven learner 
    • The joy of engaging in a lifetime of physical activity 
  • Grades 4-5 Physical Education

    学生们被介绍到一些单位,在那里他们学习他们将在上一所学校进行的基本运动. 核心技能和特定运动技能继续通过修改游戏以适合发展的方式发展. 更复杂的运动概念和策略是通过练习和引导游戏来练习的.  
    认知,精神运动和情感技能的发展是每一课和单元的支柱. Teamwork and sportsmanship are important parts of the curriculum, with opportunities presented in every class. 
    Fourth and fifth-grade students explore their individual fitness levels. Utilizing the FitnessGram, we measure student’s cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. 这让学生拥有自己的幸福,并强调了健康的重要性, wellness, and exercise.  
    In Fourth and fifth grade, 我们教导学生对个人财产负责,并教育他们更衣室礼仪.  
    • Field Hockey 
    • Football 
    • Soccer 
    • Baseball/ Softball 
    • Basketball 
    • Volleyball 
    • Gymnastics 
    • Project Adventure 
    • Tennis/ Badminton 
    • Fitness testing 
    *除了五年级在校期间的体育课外, students can participate in the Upper School interscholastic program. If they wish to partake in Upper School athletics, students will get the unique option to practice and compete with a team.  
  • Upper School Athletics

    The Upper School athletic program allows students to participate, practice, and play on a team or non-competitive activity. Each Upper School activity reaches students of all ability levels, from an introduction to a beginner to advancement for more seasoned players. Our program offers something for every student, 无论是和朋友一起玩的非竞争性的乐趣,还是更具竞争性的团队运动. Character and skill development are the focus of our program. Teamwork, sportsmanship, resiliency, responsibility, commitment, dedication, and pride in work are the qualities we strive for.  
    During practices, 教练与运动员一起工作,以理解更复杂的运动概念和策略,并将其转化为竞技比赛. 允许不同年龄层的员工建立联系,创造领导机会,提供指导,树立榜样. 通过这些课程,我们鼓励学生在场上和场下做最好的自己. 追求卓越,成为团队的一员,享受快乐是我们的目标!  
    *除了五年级的体育课在学校的日子, 学生可以获得参加高年级校际活动的奖金. If they wish to partake in Upper School athletics, students will get the unique option to practice and compete with a team. 
    Fall sports include: 
    • Cross Country  
    • Soccer 
    • Field Hockey 
    • Physical Fitness 
    • Project Adventure Ropes Course 
    Winter sports include: 
    • Ski and Snowboarding  
    • Basketball 
    • Gymnastics 
    • Squash 
    • Physical Fitness 
    Spring sports include:  
    • Softball 
    • Baseball  
    • Lacrosse  
    • Tennis 
    • Physical Fitness 
    • Project Adventure Ropes Course 

Growth & Achievement

Alumni often remember 他们在伦布鲁克的运动场上和教练的指导下学到的经验. 教练注重团队信任、相互支持、合作以及技能发展. The competitive emphasis varies according to the physical, emotional, and social needs of each student. 这种经历建立了对自己和团队的责任感,以及团队自豪感. 

The goals are to​ improve students' skills, 培养健康的竞争态度,培养对体育活动的终身热爱.

Our New Turf Field

我们很高兴地宣布,在伦布鲁克校园增加了一个新的草皮场和一个广场,用于特殊活动. The turf field brings athletics to a new level for Renbrook School.

The First Game on our New Turf Field

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